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Well I have seen performance posts in other forums so I decided we should have one these are things that I have found


You can get a header for a f2 use the top half then have a custom downpipe made so that it will mate with your exhaust(I have ben quoted $200 for one)


Has to be custom made. I sugest 2.25-2.5 if you are non turbo and 2.5-3.0 if you have a tubo. Cost can be anywhere between $189-400 depends on where you go.

Cams, and valve train

This is one of the dificult things about our cars since they only have 8valves, and is old. you can have you cam reground. I have talked to peaco and they have one for our engine for $210 with core exchange. They also carry competetion valves for our engine.


to use a cone air filter on our VAF you need to get an adaptor they can be found on ebay often around $20, I belive that supra and rx7 non turbo MAF adaptors are also able to be used on these cars that is for the EFI modles of the GC.

Short throw shifters

this has to be the simplest mod ever just go and get an APC STS for honda civics. I forget what year I used but the APC one works it doesnt have a year number on it.


The best and only aftermarket I have seen are KYB GR-2

and you can get lowering ssprings from Blindfreddie (EDIT - Blind Freddie, I No Longer in Business, here are some springs: http://www.kingsprings.com/)

Sway Bars

addco makes a 1inch front and 3/4 rear and are stock replacements

Strut Tower Bars

havent seen any but possibly might look in to 2gen probe, mx6 bars since they can be used on 1st gen mx6, and probes


well what I have done is get wires for v8s and jusst cut them to fit

then you have plugs which is really up to you I personally use Iridium Spark Plug

I will add more later

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lowering springs- get ahold of blindfrddie he can sell you some

n2o- This is really personall choise since no one has run with n2o yet. Obvioulsy you may want to use dry(unless you have turbo use wet. I personally am looking in to a zex dry kit since it is mostly computer controled, and there are plenty of accesories

ECU Reset from probetalk for the few of us that are EFI

I have just done an *engine, fuel, air intake, exhaust* modification and I need to reset the ECU/computer. How is this done and why do I need to do it?

1. Disconnect negative battery terminal

2. Press on the brake pedal for about 30 seconds

3. Reconnect battery

4. Start the car but don't touch the gas pedal for one minute!

The ECU is like the brain for your car. It "learns" your engine's fuel and air intake requirements and then sets them into memory. When you do a modification that will affect the way fuel and air are mixed, then you have reset the brain so that it forgets the old requirements and has to learn new ones. This will guarantee that you will get the most from your mods.

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