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So we got our 1996 V6 626 two years ago, and I may end up inheriting it (and its issues) in a while. So, there are two main issues I have with it currently, and they might be tied together.

The first, and arguably most severe problem is that the trunk refuses to lock, both via the central locking system, and via the rear lock. The second issue is that the rear wiper is acting possessed. Occasionally it'll start up and wipe away to its hearts content (completely at random and unaffected by the controls), and occasionally it'll stop. When it doesn't start up randomly, it usually follows whatever setting the controls are on. I'm thinking that this is an electrical issue.

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Welcome to the board!

I never heard of any 626 having a rear wiper! Which country are you in (maybe it's different there)? Or maybe it's an aftermarket add-on?

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Neat! We don't get the hatchback in North America.

I'm just guessing, but the rear wiper and trunk lock problems might be related. And one of the most likely places for an electrical problem that would affect both wiper and lock is where the hatch wiring bends, right where it passes from the body of the car to the hatch. So see if the wring looks damaged there.

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