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My Mazda 626 Sedan 1998 restoration

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Hello im new in here. im from Denmark an living in a bad place at winter, so i have restored the ca by sandblasting and metallized and painted 80 procent of the bottom of the car an whole engien compartment. and every spareparts i have changet on the car. i have changed my engien becourse i was  sandblasting the  engien block that was so rusty that i blastet troug the engien block. so i now have a 1999 engien in my car now. and 2 engiens to play with so i can learn how to dismantle a engien and assemble it again and also shine up the engien, thats my projekt now. u can see my pictures on my profile.

hope i can find someone who will guide me when i start to fully dismantle the engien and  put it back again. and of course find some friends on the internet who has the same interest as me for the 626 model that never being produced anymore. contact me on facebook if i dont seee any messages from u in here. im new in here so need to learn this webside.

first picture is taking week after we bought the car in 2007. second picture is 5 people who drove me off the road in snowy weather at knight, or i wouldt hit them course they wher in my lane. 3 picture is the start of the sandblasting of the car in 2015. 4-5 pictures is 2016 finish outside.

6-7 picture is painted summer 2019







mazda 626 renoveret.jpg






Metalliserede bund midt.JPG

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