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Car not starting, key indicator not showing

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Please i need you guys help urgently.

I changed my pistol rings which was bad,bringing white smokes. After that my car refuses to start but eventually after checking the electrical,it starts but jerking.

Then i called an electrician to fix it, he says we have to service the nozzles. When he is done, my car wont start up again.

Its not showing the key indicator on the dashboard, when u put the key, other signs on the dashboard shows except that key indicator. Please i need help.

And also i misplaced how to arrange the plug wiring. I need help please. My car is Mazda 626 2001 model. V6.

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Welcome to the board! (Not many people on here nowadays.)

Plug wiring:

Here are the cylinder numbers:





And they connect to the coilpack like this:




Afraid I can't help you with the electrical.

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You can start the engine when the gear shift is in Park, but the engine stops as soon as you shift into Drive? Is that what you are saying?

Or are you saying you can only start the engine if the shifter is in Park, but cannot start the engine if the shifter is in Drive? Because that is normal. It is supposed to be impossible to start in Drive, for safety.

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