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Is this even possible? Camshaft question

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Hello all,

I have a 2002 mazda with the DOHC V6 motor. I completely rebuilt the top end last year. (the car was bought with a bad head gasket so i never heard it run prior)

I put it all back together and checked my timing marks at least 4 times. All the marks on the sprockets are correct but when the engine turns over it sounds like there is ZERO compression and of course it doesn't run......i parked in in the "naughty" corner for a year now and moved on to other projects because i was very frustrated.

Just the other day I had some crazy thought.......even though the sprocket cams are all correct is it somehow possible that the second cam that is gear driven on each head possibly would have gotten mixed up in all of the rebuild process thus basically im running 2 intakes and two exhaust cams on the same head?  I would think that Mazda would have designed in in such a way as they would not even have fit on there but that is my only other thought....i've tried looking online and cannot find any info on markings of the second camshaft that would show either IN or EX markins so i can pull the covers off and verify.


Any thoughts out there for me on this? Is it even remotely possible? 


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Ok here is the update. I pulled the valve covers back off and took another look at both cams on both heads and indeed there is NO possible way that the 2 cams could even fit on the wrong head....so now im back to making sure that i have the two cams matched up on each head. It was my understanding that you match the dots on the two gears to align them. Is there any possible way to screw this up?


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