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Oil Pressure Sensor Location. LEAKY MAZDA

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1999 Mazda 626 2.5 V6. I've got a serious oil leak in the back of the motor. It's hard to see that section because the power steering pump is right in the way. The oil is getting all over the passenger side suspension. I've recently replaced the timing belt, water pump and much more. Someone suggested it was the Oil Sending Unit, Oil Pressure Sensor, that may have broke and is leaking. Though I already purchased the replacement unit, I was unable to find any information on the location of the unit to confirm I'm barking up the right tree before I start ripping into the job. FYI: the head gasket is dry and doesn't appear to have any leaks in that suspect area.


I don't know what the problem with the site was, but I nearly lost my mind not being able to access this extremely helpful knowledge base. Please don't disappear again.



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The oil pressure sensor is at the front of the engine, down there between the alternator and oil filter. So it's not what's causing your current leak (though it might be a good idea to replace it anyway).

But I suppose it's possible that when you are driving the wind is pushing the oil to the back of the engine?? And the OPS is a known weak spot on our cars.

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