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I recently bought a 2,0L coupé from 1985 and I tried to install a new radio, since the last one was stolen. I got the radio to work but when i turn on the lights, the radio turns off. I know i plugged the negative onto the illumination wire but i cant find the negative wire designed specificly to connect the head unit, do i have to wire it to the body? Also i would like to know which wire is responsible for the antenna because i dont get any AM/FM transmission. Thanks

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There will be a ground wire on the harness, or you can ground it to chassis. The wires are all blue with a colored stripe for the radio harnesses, You have indeed hooked your ground to the illumination circuit and when you turn the lights on, you are taking away the radio's path to ground.

The antenna is a big black coaxial wire with a round metal tip. it plugs into a round socket on the back of your radio, or the socket may be attached to a wire coming off the back of your radio. It is possible, but not likely you need an adapter for it. If you have a power antenna, you will also need to use the remote/amp power signal wire and some sort of relay to trigger it to extend and retract, as these cars typically get terrible reception with the mast retracted. Otherwise, you can extend the antenna by hot wiring the circuit and leave it unplugged, or break the retractor cable so it can be extended and collapsed by hand.

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