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Accumulator replacement does not fit evaporator

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I have seen this posted here in a search but with no replies, I have dug as much as I can and have found little info about this issue. Basically this car is a customer, they simply bought it and wanted to get the a/c working, I diagnosed it as a blocked up accumulator so I got a four seasons kit from RockAuto, replaced the compressor and orifice tube, however the accumulator connection going to the evaporator was too small, sent it back and ordered and different brand (GPD) and it was the same way, O'Reilly was able to get their hands on a four seasons, and of course it's also too small. The local Mazda dealer says they can't even get their hands on one. So I did more digging and discovered that the accumulators are different after 4/22/02 build date, however I cannot figure out how to search for one. I fear my only option is to talk this guy into now buying an evaporator and paying me to pull the dash and replace assuming the one I order will match up to the accumulator I now have on hand. I'm hoping someone has ran into this issue and may know a solution better than pulling the dash, the guy got the car at a good price, but he's paying me to do the a/c system, plus I rebuilt the struts and replaced rear sway bar bushings and got it lined up, so he's not gonna want to spend any more but the car is in great shape. Any help or info would be well received thanx for reading.


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