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Coolant Leak

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If you have no oil in your coolant and no coolant in your oil, then suspect bad water pump.  Get a pressure tester from local autoparts store with their loan a tool program. They build pumps with a weep hole when the bearings start to go bad the pumps leak at this hole.  It's on the underside of the pump.

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On 9/27/2019 at 5:07 PM, cdm said:

I have a 1998 626 V6. I am loosing coolant at a high rate and its leaking right under where the water pump is located. I have also noticed that I have bubbles in my radiator. Would a bad water pump cause this issue? 

I change the water pump and no more leaking.  I still have bubbles in the radiator. I have checked to oil and no radiator fluid is in the oil and there is no oil in the radiator fluid. I have check each cylinder and there is not radiator fluid in cylinders.  People have told me its a head gasket but it has plenty of power. Once its warmed up i have a lot of steam and fluid coming out of the overflow tank. I am not 100% sure its a head gasket.  Any thoughts before i tear in to this engine?

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