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1998 ES V6 Thermostat Housing (clogged) question

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Hello there, first of all thanks for all of you guys working this forum. I've been able to fix this 626 I got. 

I'll be short: 

I've been experiencing coolant loss, checked all hoses, no punctures, my overflow tank "over fills" and I get coolant out (I top it just a tad bit over low level, say, mid level, and after driving for a relative mid distance I check the tank and it's topped).

So I checked the hose that's below the overflow tank (overflow tank needs replacing, will get this weekend), disconnected it and blew air inside and into what I call "thermostat housing", and to my surprise It's clogged. 

Stripped open the thermostat housing cover to check it up inside. Found rust.

Blew air inside the tube that connects to the "Tstat Housing" (will refer it to as TH) and yes it's clogged.

The "L" shaped tube on the upper side of the housing where the tube that comes below the Overflow tank is rusted also.

Since the L shape tube on the upper side of the housing is rusted and corroded I'm planning on cutting the tube out and solder another one in place, but I'm guessing if that will do. I'm unable to find the piece.


Will the l4 thermostat housing fit the V6 one? I can't seem to find parts for the V6 on the yard, but there's plenty of l4's (sigh).

Also, I'm guessing that little L shaped thingy that the tube coming from the Overflow tank just let's coolant flowe in, instead of vapor out or so, I'm uncertain since a friend of mine told me that it might be some sort of of release. Idk.

Quiestions on a simple context:

Is the l4 thermostat housing compatible with the V6?

If I decide to fix my housing, will a simple "cut and solder" fix it he solution?. 

Can't seem to find problems related to the housing. I'll post some images here.

Sorry for my bad English.



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