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New Wheels, But....

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I just got a set of 15 x 7, + 20 wheels, and did a test fit to the front. Unfortunately it seems that I don't really have enough room for the tire, as I fear it will hit or rub on the upper section of strut where the spring base is (see photo). There is less than 2.5" to where the welded area is, which I think would rub if the tire was basically even with the edge of the rim.

Has anyone installed wheels with these same specs, and did they fit? 

I don't want to use spacers, because these wheels are already 1" wider than stock, so pushing them to the outside further will make them stick out too far. And I don't think anyone makes tires that have a low enough profile to fit.


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You have the correct fitment rims. If you are  a person who worries about speedo accuracy, then you will want the replacement wheels to be as close in rolling diameter as your original ones. 

Most of us guys over here in Oz run a 205 up to 225 width tyre and alter the profile based on the rim diameter/width and offset, used.  

Or, you muck around with offsets to compensate for tyre widths BUT you open a Pandora's Box when you start looking for wider lower profile tyres because suddenly the "perfect fitment" tyre

is either not made or so expensive, you cannot justify purchasing it.

** Trust me, I have been down this path and, I sold tyre workshop equipment for 17 years so have many connections in the tyre fitting industry.


 I used the link below and did some quick calculating, for you, to show you what I am talking about.




Here is a pic of the 17s I fitted when I first did the Rotary conversion and fitted the big brakes - 17 x 7 20P offset with a 205/40 tyre fitted.  NO clearance issues.



My old 13BT hardtop with 16 x 7" rims fitted - 205/50 tyres.



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It's hard to tell from the angle of the photo I posted, but the inside edge of the wheel is very close to the shock/strut body, maybe 1/4" or 5 mm? Are your 7" wide wheels the same?

Is the sidewall of your tire (starting from top edge of the wheel to top of tread) less than 2.5" tall?

In the examples you listed above, the #1 tire has a sidewall height of 103 mm, which is about 4". But I only have about 3" of space before the tire would touch.

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I am not sure if you are worried about the rim having enough clearance or the tyre, when under cornering load?  To answer your question, yes, my 17s were about 1/2" (7mm) away from the strut.  Did they ever contact under spirited driving and cornering, no!  And let me tell you, I do not drive my RX626 like a grandpa.  It was built to drive hard!!!!

I am also  not sure of your knowledge of tyres/rims, so I will try and explain a little.:thumbsup:

By up sizing your rims to 15, you done what we call 2 up or 2 sizes up.  So, in a logical progression of tyre/rim sizes controlled by rolling diameter - 185/70 x 13, 195/60 x 14, 205/50 x 15, are the sizes you would go with for each rim upgrade.  Can you see the progression here - width and profile alters accordingly to keep the rolling diameter the same?

Clearance can be controlled by offset and backspacing, based on how wide a wheel you want to fit. By fitting a 7" wide rim with a 20P (positive) offset, you still have good clearance.  If you wanted more clearance from the strut, then maybe a 10P or 15P offset BUT, what you always need to take into account is, as you alter offset, you reduce clearance of the outside of the tyre to the inner guard. Then the problem becomes, what rims are available to us "off the shelf"!

In a nutshell, your rims and tyres will fit.  You will not have clearance problems - between us Aussies and the Kiwis, there are not too many tyre/rim combinations that have not been tried on 626s. 

Here is a closer pic of one of the 17s on my car with bigger brakes. ( I paid a fortune for the rims and brakes, and now I do not use them.  I am back to factory)




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I don't think there is enough space for the tire, it looks like it will contact the strut on either the sidewall or tread area. I don't want to take a chance on test fitting a tire, because once a tire has been mounted I can't return the wheels. I think I'm going to chicken out with these. 

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What width/profile tyre are you fitting? If you are fitting a 205/50, this means you are fitting a 6" tyre onto a 7" rim.  Therefore, the shoulder of tyre will be narrower than the rim at its widest point. The lower profile also reduces shoulder roll under cornering.  So you have a tapered side wall away from the edge of the rim at its widest point.

Anyway, it's your  car. I won't waste any more time.

This is roughly what the tyre will look like fitted on to the rim.


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I have 15 x 7 aftermarket wheels on my Opel, with 195/50 tires. So I just looked at them, and did some measuring. The width of the tire actually does extend past the wheel (by a small amount), and there is about 3" of tire above the very top edge of the wheel. Not a problem on my Opel, but could be a problem on my Mazda. 

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Interesting. I already sent the wheels back. I'll feel safe with 6" wide, which really don't seem to be currently available (new) in any styles I like. I'm keeping my eyes open for some used wheels.

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