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I have a question or 10 about a fuel issue. So bought this car -98 626 LX - for my daughter, it ran fine when we parked it about 6 months ago. I went to start it up and it ran for about 5 secs and then shut down and would not restart. I bought some starting fluid and when I use it it will run and then dies. So I started searching the internet about relays fuses etc. and I bought what I think is the right relay but there is still nothing. I cannot locate an actual fuse for the fuel pump just the relay. 

I bought a new fuel filter for it and changed it out, before I put the new one in I put a rag over the fuel line going to the filter and had the wife crank it over and no fuel. I tried to jumper by following something I saw here- (pulled relay and put a jumper wire from pin 30 to body ground) and see if fuel pump would run manually and there nothing. At no time during any of this did I ever hear the fuel pump either. I did replace the 100 amp main fuse also because I destroyed it trying to take it out so that is new as well ( I saw a video on how to PROPERLY remove the fuse). I saw the video of the guys cutting the floor out to change fuel pump but I really don’t want to do that but I want to make sure I am doing everything to make sure there is not another issue. I.e. wiring. 

I guess I am looking for a little advice or some help to make sure I am going down the right path. I am guessing I should be able to drop the tank and put a meter on the wires going to the fuel pump to variety voltage? I jacked the car up and see some wires under the tank I am guessing these go to the fuel pump? Is there anything I need to be aware of when dropping tank that I may overlook from just taking out the bolts and having a floor jack under the tank as it’s half full unfortunately.


Any help would be great. Oh and the relay I changed was not the green one like I saw some folks do it was the white one that said circuit relay on it. 

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Is this the FS (inline 4) or KL (V6)?

If you haven't yet, grab a factory service manual at http://www.pmx626.info. If will go over the testing procedures. It seems like you are doing the correct procedures. Jumping the wire from pin 30 to pin 87 (bypassing the relay essentially)  should activate the fuel pump. The fuse would be under the hood and is labeled as "EGI ING" (30 amps).

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