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1983 Mazda 626 LX, only 60,500 miles, $2000

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So, I'll start this off at Mazda's North American Headquarters: 


Not a sunny day, but still a happy car.


Sitting pretty. Brand-new ties, and also a recent front-end brake job:


The most expensive thing done to the car since I've had it is the suspension. Some specialists in SoCal put together shocks and parts that worked to replace the electronic originals:




Southern California car its entire life, going by the history:


The ALF bumper sticker could use a refresh:


Looking good down this side too:


Step back into 1983 in here:


There's wear in certain areas in the interior, but overall it's in remarkable shape:


Original miles - not a surprise, given the condition:


The radio works! Some of the speakers only work periodically, though. The oscillating vents work great.

And, for an added bonus, the A/C system was recently rebuilt (wasn't cheap):


Unmolested and mostly original under here:


Some notes:

*Car sometimes has a dead spot when trying to start (~1 out of 10 tries). If it doesn't turn over, you shift it into neutral and back to park while twisting the key - then, it starts. (Don't ask; no clue.)

*Oil looks good and car doesn't seem to burn it. 

*Right-side rear window doesn't close tightly, and electric motor isn't working on that side. Works fine on the other, and two front windows work fine.

 *No warranties expressed or given. It's an old car, but a delight to drive. If I had space, I'd be keeping it. 

*Any questions welcome. Car is south of Los Angeles in Orange County & you're welcome to come see it; just know that my time is very limited, so be patient with scheduling. Prefer a local buyer, but ask me if you're elsewhere and serious about the car. 



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