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Parting out '01 626

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I have a 2001 626 that has been parked for quite a long time. The engine is toast, as the mechanic I took it to to have it replaced got a bad engine as well. Then the vendor he got it from refused to replace the bad one. My mechanic (well, one of his guys) started tearing into it but then left the shop. The upshot was that I finally got the car back and one to replace it, but it's been sitting for close to a year. The exterior and interior are in good shape, and I suppose the transmission (transaxle) is too...asked the wife to find the title after I couldn’t find it – no joy there, she’s not bothering to look. Went to get the key, same deal. So I can’t sell it unless I get a duplicate title – at the same price as a new one, for a piece of paper (?).


Particulars: As stated it's an '01 626 LX. When we sent it to the mechanic, everything (other than the engine of course) worked. It does turn on electrically as does the stuff that doesn't need an engine to operate. Gold in color, with a tan interior (looks like leather), well optioned (PW/PDL/cruise/AC etc), alloy wheels, lamps in good condition, sunroof, etc – the ‘swing’ vent even worked!). Has an aftermarket audio unit I'll be removing. but I think I have the original factory unit. Let me know what you need, and I'm sure we can make a good deal on it. I will charge the actual cost of shipping and will try to keep material costs down. If someone wants the entire car, to either put an engine in, or as a parts car, I can work on getting a title  - I just don't want to get hosed on the deal. The car is located in Port St. Lucie, FL, if anyone kind of close wants to look it over. Thanks!






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