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desperate for help and ideas!

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Hello all,


I am seeking any kind of diagnostic ideas that i can do to figure out why this engine doesn't have spark.

Here is the history

I got this car not running and knowing it needed at minimum head gaskets

I have put new headgaskets,new water pump, timingbelt, spark plugs, spark plug wires, crank position sensor, cam position sensor.

I have worked on countless cars before and this one has me stumped. I also bought a new coil pack and a working used ECU.

I cannot get spark. I do have power coming to the coil pack. I also have 1.5 volts going to the crank position sensor. The 3 wires of the cam position sensor have no voltage at any time that i have been able to detect. 

Can anyone give me more details on tests i can do to the cam sensor as far as voltage goes? Also open to ANY other ideas!

Thank you

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