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If using the ECU from the 626 is not possible, the next solution I can think of would be a standalone such as a Megasquirt.

Any reason you want to swap the KL as opposed to a V6 from a Camry, outside of you simply having one lying around? The KL is a good engine and decent power for the size, but there is limited aftermarket support and not much additional power to be had. The V6 from let's say a 1995 Camry is already more powerful. People started throwing the Camry V6s into the MRS, so I feel it has a lot of support.

On top of that, did you check the transmission positioning and the axle splines? If they differ, different axles/hubs/spindles may be needed which also means different bearings, calipers, rotors, etc. I'm not trying to discourage you. As long as you are prepared to put in the work, go for it.

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