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Old Six: a '95 ES-V6 Story

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I'll go ahead and introduce myself,  I'm Ty'Eira Marie Morrison. This is my recently acquired Hunter Green Mica Metallic '95 ES-V6 automatic, affectionately named "Old Six". I've had the pleasure of owning this wonderful Mazda for a good seven weeks now, she's starting to show me that I can have faith in a $600 beater with a heater. I had my doubts about jumping into an automatic 626 at first (seeing as how the reputation of them has resulted in the death of most of these cars), but I ABSOLUTELY had to have a GE platform 626 because of the resemblence of the larger '90-'94 929. So far, in my seven weeks of ownership, I've managed to:

1) Replace the broken factory cassette player and dealer-installed in-dash CD changer controller (trunk changer was missing, I believe she told me it was 10-disc) with a working cassette unit from a '96 LX and working in-dash CD player from a '94 ES-V6;

2) Clean up headlights, fog lights, interior,  wheels, and paint with a Nu Finish wax job;

3) replace the busted grille and add a factory lip spoiler from a '96 LX, find a replacement passenger sunvisor, order new headliner material, order a 3-button '90s Ford key fob and Mazda Eternal Flame fob case and program it to the factory alarm system, despite the "PANIC" feature being inoperable.


Next steps:

Tinted windows, Gold emblem package, new hood, fresh paint w/pinstripe removal, "ES" fender decals, '95+ Shogun PGT blades (aluminum or '97 GTS chrome doesn't matter at this point, since I can find either matching centre caps), new Driftwood seats, wood dash panelling, spare manual transmission/parts, hi-rise spoiler w/CHMSL, and hopefully a spare motor just in case (it makes me so sad about not ever being able to get a Euro lip kit, I really like that kit).


So far, all she seems to need is valve cover gaskets, a new exhaust system and front suspension work. But I'm growing to love this Mazda more and more every day, I can't wait to move and add a matching Hunter Green Mica Metallic MX-6 LS and a BG Protégé to my fleet (yes, this car has released my inner Mazda enthusiasm). This car has been sort of a lifelong bucket list car, and #2 on my list of dream cars because of how underrated it is and how much potential this car has. I've shown a little bit of the transformation I was able to make, since I'm on the parts hunt for two different cars (also have a '93 Pontiac Grand Am GT Quad 4 High Output Sedan I'm working on restoring). So far, the lip spoiler works with the stock look and wheels, but I want to see what she looks like when done. I'm anxiously awaiting the moment this $600 beaten heap is transformed into a $2000 work of vivid art... and I'm proud thus far to be a part of the 626 community.














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