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Timing happiness

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I appreciate the post I recently purchased an 01 626 from an Independent Dealer. Stumbled on the Car by Accident on way home from work a route I usually don't take but was detoured, had 116k & looked like it had just rolled off the show room floor asking 2650. Bought it for 2300.I've been extremely worried about the Timing belt, has a great service record info from (mycarfax.com)has everything ever done to the car but nothing on a timing belt change. No real answer as to close Interference Engine or not needless to say Ive been saving to get a timing kit not a DIY on this a little beyond my scope of fixing them but this info made me do a little dance. it's a great car still gets 27mpg shifts great (Except when its cold 1st  to 2nd will snap your head back) runs great no problems scared to death that belt would snap before I had everything saved up & the Engine would be done for............ Thanks Again.                                            PS: From what I've Read the people got rid of the Car shortly after the rattle in the trunk came about had rear struts replace a month later it was traded needless to say this Mazda forum helped me solve the problem w/rear sway bar bushings...........

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