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Hello all new here, just found a barn find 1985 626 TWR 2.0 GLX . I can’t seem to find any information on this car or find anything like it. Does any one know how many was made ect? Is the body kit aftermarket or oem? This has all the trick, e/windows, sun roof, grill fog lights, body kit. Just started cleaning it up and it’s coming up really well.I will try upload some photos but sorry for the quality as still in the barn.




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Well Pipbailey, I am assuming you are either in the UK or Europe, as not many of them made it overseas.  Possibly a couple made it to the States for promotional duties and that's about it!  TWR - Tom Walkinshaw Racing, did do some after market tart up kits for Mazda for about 8 years, on specific models.

The parts are definitely aftermarket, and finding them is like finding toy rocking horse poo - impossible!!!!

To answer your question, yes your car is stupidly rare only in as much as not many of them were made. Are they worth a lot of money.........naaaah, not really, and only to a diehard Mazda enthusiast!  Although, the Germans get pretty excited about them for some reason!  And bear in mind, no engine performance enhancements were offered, so don't get too excited about setting Silverstone lap records or blitzing the quarter mile.:biggrin::thumbsup:






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Lol thanks for the info. Yeah I’m in the uk.

some times rare don’t mean expensive and it’s just my luck it’s in this case, for what it cost me I saved to going to the scrap yard in the sky so that’s one good thing I suppose lol. 


Cheers  for the info again, I will get some better photos up soon 

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