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Maybe people have gotten spoiled by OBDII, but when the volume air flow sensor on the KL engine goes bad your only clue that anything is on its way out may be extreme roughness with any more than minimal throttle.  Turned out that's why the 626 I used to own was running so poorly, and the lack of a code or a MIL might have been behind why it wasn't getting diagnosed properly.

Checking the plugs confirmed significant leanness, and checking resistances while moving the measuring core turned up erratic resistance rather than anything even close to uniform.  Even went to 'infinite resistance' at times.

It's really not that tough of a diagnosis once you stop to think what might be happening, but I didn't see anything about this sensor on a search and figured this might help a few people.  These cars are getting on in age . . . and you may even find that not all Mazda technicians have seen much in the way of OBDI problems coming through your local Mazda shop.

We did do plugs and wires, plus a couple other things on recommendation based on age and non-OE origin of the parts that were in place, and had to replace a few nuts and bolts that went missing in previous attempts to fix (by others who shall remain nameless) and tightened up stuff that had been left loose (by, well . . . ditto).  Long story cut short, it's back to running the way it's supposed to, revs up nice and smooth again.  The KL really is a sweetheart of an engine when it's running right. 



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