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2000 Diesel Cold-engine problems

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Hey, Sorry for my english.

I bought old 626 few months ago, no service book etc..


I have this problem:
When i star the engine, when its cold (I live in Finland, so I mean -10C ->), it does not start well at all.. or it starts but engines rev-sound is VERY poor and it some time shut off the engine..
In nordic countrys/russia etc we use electric heaters, witch heat up block or coolant. The heater do not help.

The problems stops, when the heat-meter starts to rise.


I have serviced my car in Bosch/Denso-workshop. They adjusted the diesel-nozzles, and checked the glowplugs etc. After that they put transparent lines for fuel, but there were no airleaks.
They said the final diagnose could be Diesel-injection pump, but the new one could cost too much, so they dont even bother to think about it more..

My dad said, it also could be egr.


I try to clean the egr (can you help me with that?) and after that I could consider that pump.



Do you have any other ideas?


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