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looking for some performance input !

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O hey there ! 

I have recently got my hands on a 91 Mx6 Turbo ! it's the 3rd such car i have owned  she is in mint condition ! looking to drop some cash into performance upgrades and just looking for some input !  

now ... I'm not a mechanic and am just starting to learn the ins and outs of performance cars .  I've gone over some threads on here and have seen some wicked ideas, unfortunelty some ( alot actually ) of the details are waaaay over my head.

that all being said , this is my baby !

it has the T-bird turbo upgrade 

coilover suspension

I believe it's 3" exhaust and custom shot out the side ( looks so sick) 

and I recently ordered and got in the mail a ECU with the probinator chip that I'm going to throw in , along with a boost controller.

what I'm looking for :

any other performance ideas , recommendations , 

I've been told that putting a better fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator would be a good plan , looking for suggestions on brand and specs for those. 

I've also learned ( to my dismay ) that a BOV on this car would negatively affect it's performance due to the way the car monitors and controls air flow I believe. however from what I gather purchasing a cone filter and a adapter would allow some of the noise from the release to be heard through the filter , so I would like any info on that subject as well , 

or you know , anything else someone would like to throw at me ! 


thanks ! 




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