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Replacing headlight socket on 2002 Mazda 626?

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So I actually got this car recently, and it had been checked out by a mechanic as having no issue, but I've run into a problem last week.

I was driving home from the store one night when an officer pulled me over (first time I've been pulled over, actually!) He seemed friendly enough and actually only gave me a warning, but the reason why he pulled me over was due to the fact my front right headlight was out, something that had not happened with this car before for me. He mentioned it might've been a loose connection, so I figured I'd check it out. After jiggling around the socket a bit, my headlight turned on, so I assumed all was good.
The next day comes along and I'm about to take a trip out to see a friend of mine when I decide to check the headlight again. Lo and behold, it's off again. I realize the headlight quickly stops working after I adjust it. After another friend of mine takes a look at it (without really removing anything), he determines that the copper inside the wiring is exposed, and since we didn't have the parts to get the socket out and look at it further, he'd need to check it out with his mechanic father the following day, who did have the tools to get to it. After we got it all apart and took the headlight socket out that following day, we realized... the socket had been burned and melted, which has caused the connection to be a bit iffy. Which brings me here..

First off, is there anything in particular that might've caused that to happen? Was it just the headlight being too bright for it, or something else? And two, what should I buy for a new socket? Is it something a local auto store would carry, and if so, what would I ask for? 

I get this is a relatively dumb question compared to most of the topics that could be talked about, but I just want to make sure I get the right part! (And maybe get an understanding as to what could've caused it to melt!)

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