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For sale: 1998 Mazda 626

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I have to part with my faithful 1998 Mazda 626. Here's the text from my craigslist ad which you can see here: https://orlando.craigslist.org/cto/d/1998-mazda-626-well-cared-for/6449260339.html

I bought this 1998 Mazda 626 in 2003 and have driven it ever since. I got it from a man who was the only owner at 53,000 miles, so it has had two owners. It now has 170,263 miles and a clean title in hand. I hate to see it go.

Known problems:
It drives fine until about 50mph when the transmission starts acting badly. A shop recently told me the transmission needs rebuilt.
The wheel bearings in the front right and left need replaced.
The battery needs replaced.
It burns oil and needs refilled occasionally, maybe once between regular oil changes. 
It has lived in Florida, Oregon, and Wisconsin, and now Florida again.

I've kept it really clean and cared for it well. It has had regular oil changes and even just had one a couple weeks ago. It has snow tires on it right now with plenty of tread left. 
It comes with another set of four summer tires (General Altimax RT43) that are also in good condition and have been used for (I think) two summers.
The spark plug wires were replaced in 2017. 
Pioneer radio with bluetooth upgrade.
Clean seats. Non smoker.
I have replaced a bunch of bulbs and little things to keep it cosmetically nice, everything inside works, even the swing! (The top center vents swing back and forth automatically to make a nice breeze)

Power windows, power locks, plenty of cargo space, some of the windows are even still tinted! 

Cash only. $800. As is. Serious inquiries only from people wanting to learn more about buying the car. No trades. I prefer email. If the ad is still up, it's still available, so I won't respond to messages just asking if it's still available.

2018-01-05 15.50.00.jpg

2018-01-05 15.48.26.jpg

2018-01-05 16.37.46.jpg

2018-01-05 15.49.35.jpg

2018-01-05 15.51.21.jpg

2018-01-05 15.51.44.jpg

2018-01-05 15.52.00.jpg

2018-01-05 15.52.50-1.jpg

2018-01-05 15.53.22-1.jpg

2018-01-05 15.53.51.jpg

2018-01-05 15.54.19.jpg

2018-01-05 15.54.40-1.jpg

2018-01-05 16.02.46.jpg

2018-01-05 16.03.17.jpg

2018-01-05 16.03.56.jpg

2018-01-05 16.05.39.jpg

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