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HELP HELP klze p5 build guy in need. Hi all!! My setup will be a lil diff. I have the curved neck kl31 101 1a1, running a pnpms2 with aemsmartcoil w/ quadspark , probe trans lightened flywheel, actdualstage clutch 
more will come lator but any wiring pics and info any of you have will be greatly appreciated. the pnpms2 ecu changes a few things but I want to run my 93 probe wiring harness on klze p5 the basic way to get it running Then add quadspark and othe stuff lator to stop confusion and I'm not referring to the cluster. I need to know what p5 wires stay and what gets deleted same on the 93 probe wiring harness being that we don't need all the emissions crap. do I tap probe charging wires to p5jbox or run separate? and the fuel pump what was done to run your fuelpump? did you run dedicated or use the p5 wiring but with probe fuelpump wired in the protege5 fb place? I know alot about auto wiring but this makes it diff being that its obd2 car but adding in an obd type standalone to an engine that used half the harness that the usdm kl used. PEASE HELP lol The truth is we are running out of options for this swap being no one does it anymore so hopefully no info will be withheld, I see a lot on here and other forums who don't want to help ppl all they want to do is wait for the first typo or misinfo to go on a all out bash spree just to hear their own self sound smart because they know more than the other, please save me the bs I just want to build my car and talk to ppl to confide in over our joint interests being klze swaps, mazda awesomeness ect. and if you are the guy (theres always one) who knows nothing yet continues to bs the crap out of ppl with "valvecovers make it faster" or similar please don't. I need real info. The reason for this is there are so many forums of this faint info and have yet to see a clear pic or something to help so I started this to be a main reference to the wiring portion of this swap for all who need to find pinouts and other wiring info. Once I have gathered all I will or someone else can make a detailed youtube video/s having all from start to finish on how to do the swap wiring. Id like to see the popularity of this swap to relive. 

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