Weird Engine Coolant Temperature Sender? (i4 1995)

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I have a weird coolant temperature sender (ECT) on my US spec 1995 Mazda 626 i4 Automatic. It has two round pins instead of the blade pins like on my 1996 Mazda 626 automatic. It also has a correct connector for this coolant sender. The sender on my 1995 is f32f-12A648-AA FS15 See Photos

The resistance when hot was 2300 Ohms and when cold is 30,000 ohms. The Haynes books say around 300 ohms hot and 3,000 ohms cold.  I don't see this sender in any of my parts catalog searches even for other years. 


The car runs like a champ after I took out the Mass Air Flow Sender and cleaned all the carbon build up off it with some sea foam spray which I let set for 5 minutes then a brushed with a twisted ends of a blue shop paper towel. Finishing with some Mass Air Flow Cleaner spray to remove any residue. 

ECT on Car.jpg

Parts catalogue ECT.jpg

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