engine squeaks and overheats

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hi folks, im having an issue with my engine over heating and am wondering if anyone could help.


the engine has been squeaking for a while which at first i thought was a belt, although having changed it turns out that wasn't the problem. 

the other night i was driving home from work and the engine light came on the dashboard, i checked the engine temperature and it was at the top of the gauge. after i pulled over, all the coolant spurted out from somewhere close to reservoir (i guess there was too much pressure).

as there is squeaking and the engine is overheating, i can only think i need to replace the water pump? or is there something else i should check? 

-the squeaking is almost consistent, whether idol or driving, hot or cold engine, although stops sometimes completely randomly

-the squeaking sounds like something spinning quickly (ie. a bad bearing)

thanks in advance to anyone who can give an opinion, times are tough and id hate to purchase the wrong part haha! :smile:

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Bang on - its the bearings in the water pump starting to fail. You'll need a new pump. Since its over heated I suggest a new thermostat too. I'd check the accessory belts too.

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thanks for the reply, i was just ordering one haha! i'll make sure to find a thermostat whilst im at it! i may as well replace the belt as it needs to come anyway by the looks of things!

thanks again! :)



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