Car sounds like a motor boat.

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Hello, i have a mazda 626 and tonight when i pressed the gas the car would start to vibrate and a loud noise came from underneath. it sounded like i was driving a motorboat. the check engine light has periodically been on and off due to my catalytic converter going bad. (planned to replace it next month light is currently off). I was wondering if maybe that would be the issue. the car is a 2000 model 626 LE. im aware of 626s having bad transmissions. im really hoping its not that but it may be the issue. im dead broke at the moment and deff need a car to get to and from work. 

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No idea what you mean by motor boat sound. It could be an exhaust leak and the vibration could also be a blocked catalytic converter causing back pressure. Could be anything from lack of maintenance to worn motor mounts. Need more data and inspections/tests.

You can try starting a go fund me page and hope someone pitch in to buy you a car to go to work. 

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