Powerloss between 1000-1500 RPM when cold

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Hi all,


I have an European Mazda 626 2.0L Diesel, production year 2000, with 280k km (174k miles) on the odo.


Currently I'm having an issue that is very much temperature related.

When it's cold outside and when my car stood still for a while (like overnight or, when really cold, after a working day), I'm experiencing issues (powerloss) between 1000-1500 RPM. After a while, when the engine is at a certain temperature or so, the engine runs just fine.


Some more details:

  • I only have this issue below 12°C / 54°F (or when the car stood still over the weekend, I might feel a few hickups between 12-15°C / 54-59°F)
  • It started a few months before summer, dissapeared fully(!) during summer and started again just a few weeks ago
  • When 11°C / 52°F I experience this only between about 1400-1500 RPM, the colder it gets, the wider this range becomes, starting at lower RPM
  • Above and below the given range for a given temperature, the engine runs smooth
  • So also no problem starting the car, engine runs smooth at 750-800 RPM
  • When I think the engine is hot enough and the issue is gone, I can rev the engine and don't experience problems. However I might experience it again when I start to drive
  • Between 9-11°C / 48-52°F I can start to drive shortly after starting the car as the issue dissapears quite soon
  • The lower the temperature, the aggressive the issue, e.g. one morning at 7°C / 45°F after a standing still for the weekend, I couldn't rev the car above 1000 RPM (not by slowly increasing the revs nor by increasing fast)



  • I have an ODB2 connector at the leftside under the steering wheel but no luck getting data out of it with a bluetooth ELM327 and Android apps (it does work with other cars)
  • I do not have error codes when bridging the TEN to GND in the 17-pin diagnostics connector


Other things I want to let you know:

  • I already looked into the (combined) MAF and IAT sensor, they where a bit dirty but not that much. Cleaning them didn't do much however I have a slight feeling that it may be a little bit colder before having the issue.
  • I do not experience any increased fuel consumption, fuel consumption slowly decreased over the last 5 years from 6.1l/100km to 5.6l/100km
  • At a garage (a general one, not Mazda), they said they couldn't read out my injectors but they suspect they might have become out of tolerance…


Does this problem sound familiar to anyone? Or do you have tips to test something?


Thanks in advance!


Best regards,


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