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  I sent my 626 on semi out west where I'd be working for a few months, car drove fine. I finished working and changed all the fluids packed my 2 tea cup yorkies up got about 30 miles out and the left axle came out, tried to get it back in but it wouldn't stay Bad axle bushing . Had car towed back to airport and left it there for few months, so few days ago flew back to fix it. I got a new axle bushing new axle fluid put it together and it would not shift ou lt of 3rd gear it started out in third then started jumping around to different gears and down shifting and up shifting  while cruising then it would just lock in 3rd. It set some codes P0756,P0751,P1506,P1744. I went to Trans parts store got new solenoids for the 1-2, 3-4, the torque converter code went away when I added fluid, the new seal started leaking. 

  I haven't put the Solenoids in yet but will tomorrow, I built the Trans myself about 1 year ago before I did the engine. I don't know if there's a separate computer for the tran's or if the ECU runs the trans. The battery went dead and I'm not sure if it BSOD my ECU? I don't understand why it would turn off the shift solenoids ? I'm guessing that this is why it won't shift or shift eratically . Im hoping someone has some ideas as to what happened, I need to fix this hopefully  before Wensday cause that's when my return flight is, I was hoping to drive 1500 miles back to Ktown, if I can't get it fix I will have to scrap it and fly home.

  I was thinking that the computer that runs the Trans might have to be reflashed ? But I don't understand why the trans stopped working cause it sat for few months with dead battery. I'm starting to panic, I know it's short notice but I didn't plan on any problems I thought that replacing bushing and put new axle in and charge the battery and I'd be on my way Home. Thanks to all

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