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Depends.  Any generic 323,626 or 6 etc will not be 4 or all wheel drive, unless it is a specific trim or model and it has been optioned. It will likely be a JDM car as well.

323/Familia's you'll need to find a BMFR (1986). GTX on the BG chassis can be awd (1990-1996). JDM SP20 (Protege) Is optioned with awd(1998-2003).

626 - will have to be JDM optioned import from GD onwards (1987-1992). Really don't know about GE's (1992-1997). GF/GW a JDM option (1997-2001). They are around but not easy to find. MazdaSpeed 6 is all wheel drive. Mazdaspeed 3 is fwd. Bounty and BT50 can be 4 wheel drive too.

edit - saw this is 1993-2002 - yes GF/GW (1997)+ can be. It will have to be a JDM car. It may also have the KL (V6) as well. Mostly wagons. Haven't seen any awd sedans myself.

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