1989 626 GLX - rear door needed!

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I’m new to the forum and also new to Mazda ownership. I bought this 1989 626 recently as a small project. The main issue being it needs a new rear LH door. I’ve tried removing the dents but without much success, and the crease at the base of the door will probably be very difficult to remove. So I’m in search for a new door, and I’m prepared for a wait as I can’t imagine there’s many of these left in the UK (let alone panels for them!).

I’m based in London and if anyone knows where I could source a replacement in the UK I’d be keen to hear. I’ve tried the usual eBay search, and have contacted several breakers yards and Mazda parts suppliers but without success.

It's a nice car overall and doesn't need much work apart from the door. It has a bad oil leak from the rocker cover so that's on the list, and a few areas of surface rust underneath and on the off-side sill that I'll treat and rust proof. Other than that I'll just get on and use it once I secure a new MoT.





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Hi, there was a web site before couple years, i cant find it any more, I remember name was something MazdaMan parts...he is in Uk and had a lot of parts ...

hes mail was and his name is Andy.

Hope you will manage to find contact

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