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Valve Cover Gaskets Leaking after multiple replacements

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Guys, I am really frustrated with my car. I am so fed up with this VCG issue that I am ready to sell the the car. Everything about the car is in great working shape and I would love to keep it as a daily driver but I am ready to smash it with a sledge.

its an 01 with the 2.5. I have changed the VCG's four times in the last 2 years. They continue to leak oil on the headers and if I drive the car more than an hour it smokes so bad that it looks like a camp fire is burning under the hood. The car leaks about a quart of oil every 400 miles. I have done the VCG's by the book the last two times. I used new gaskets I bought off ebay, put RTV in the places the manual says to and torqued the bolts to spec. I even tried a different RTV the last time and swtiched from red to black. 

What could I be doing wrong? Is this something a dealer should be able to figure out? I cant imagine it is common for the covers to warp, is it? 

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