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Kind of a necro thread, but it's still on the first page... =)

If anyone is interested to know, that is a Reed Valve box on the strut tower, which pulls air into the exhaust for the 2nd catalytic converter using the pulse of the exhaust to draw vacuum thru the Reed Valve, which stops back flow. It actually connects to the exhaust just behind the 1st catalytic converter, before the flex joint in the exhaust. This was used on turbo cars in place of an air pump for emissions regs. It can be deleted easily by connecting one hose across the two pipes (I used the existing hoses and joined them with a small piece of pipe), or more difficult is to remove the pipes and block the port on the exhaust pipe. It's not a power drain like an air pump, and as it will probably affect the 2nd cat's performance, it's not really recommendable to remove. But it serves no purpose at all if you have removed the 2nd cat. Typically, their mountings would get brittle with age and break, causing a racket of knocking and buzzing. If you just remove the box, exhaust comes out of the pipes.

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