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1985 2.0 GLX GC COUPE

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Hi all,

Found this car online in Nelson NZ and instantly fell in love.

While NZ assembled the Mazda 626, the Coupe's were imported fully assembled and apparently only a very small handful came into New Zealand.

Have had many comments locally as pretty much no one seems to have ever seen one, this is the only one I've ever seen either on the road or for sale. I have just purchased a set of 1985 Ford Telstar alloy wheels to fit it, can't locate any factory Mazda wheels yet. Just in the middle of replacing all shocks, complete new front axles, new clutch, water pump & timing belt.

One question i do have is the paint, it's a two-tone gold/greyish brown (faded) and the code on the firewall is QS, but I cannot locate this code in any Mazda paint reference charts.

Can anyone decode that for me?

Thanks, Tony




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