Can't find new or after market AC discharge hose for 2001 626 2.5

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Hi Guys,

Running into a problem trying to fix my AC. I am replacing most parts and Mazda no longer makes or sells the AC High pressure/discharge hose and no after market sellers have one either. I have found a lot of misleading ads and when I called the companies they told me they don't make the discharge hose for the 626 and that the ads were wrong (UAC, Four Seasons, and one other all told me they only make the suction line) Any one have any experience with this? If I have to get one at a junk yard any chance at all it won't leak? Almost all the cars I find have over 100K miles on them.

G Venable 2001 626 ES 2.5 177,000 miles

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Chance of a leaking hose on a junkyard 626 are very unlikely, just make sure you replace with fresh new o-rings. Never had leaking a.c. problem on my 626 and it was at 220k miles.

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