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Turbo questions options

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I am going to turbo my 1989 10:1 FE3 TX5 - think Euro or Jap 626 GT sport hatch. It has 270,000 km's on the engine - 320 km+ on the body so I'll be vacuum, pressure and compression testing to see if it healthy enough for this task, may freshen it - bearings rings valve seals if the engine needs it. 

I know the internals can handle around 300+ hp so I'll leave them. Wide band, MS2 tuned by a pro. I am limited by the high CR ratio but more so the gearbox so I can't run huge boost which is fine - ball park is around 200 whp around 8-10 psi, this is really safe, so if I can go 220 hp and 12-14 psi I will - stock Evo 1 spec pretty much.

Why? I just want some boost, turbo sound, the push into the seat. This car is usually just paraded around in, go to car meets, sometimes daily driven, the occasional track day I'd like to keep reliability and just enhance the driving dynamics over maximum power.

Is there much benefit to a ball bearing turbo eg GT2860 vs the TD04-05 series or T3/4 hybrid? I'm leaning towards ball bearing - durability and less oil needed to lube them, apparently fewer parts but if anyone hasn't had problems with others. Ideally smaller A/R ratio for quicker spool, going to have rev limiter set at 6,800, likely it'll be almost out of puff by then anyway, this is probably safe again.

I may upgrade in future - lsd or gearbox conversion, so I would want a bigger better flowing turbo and more power.

Ideally I'd like to go brand new, doesn't have to be legit brand like HKS, Garret, but I don't want cheap no name junk for $199. Stuff like Kinugawa, Turbonetics are fine. Ebay has so many for cheap! I can get stuff from Aus for 1/3rd off what is here in NZ.

Good used genuine (Garret, HKS) acceptable, I may consider one which needs a rebuild. Is this best done by a pro, is the cost worth it? I have done an engine rebuild on a B5 so I know what to look for but I know I'd like a bit more experience before I go and do this on my car.  

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Great guide but it is F2 to F2T. I'm running FE3 and wanting to know which is the best high flowing and reliable turbo I can use for lower boost.

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