4 cylinder 97 Mazda 626 wont start. HELP!!!

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Car had trouble starting since I got it. Would take two or three turns of key to even crank over. I've tested relays,  replaced the starter,  igniton swtich, and starter relay. Still wont start. Doesn't even try and crank when key is turned. When I arc the solenoid at the starter it cranks but doesn't start. Whats the fricken issue here??

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Two separate issues:

1) No cranking when turning key - assuming your solenoid is good (you say you replaced it) check wiring between ignition switch and solenoid, check for +12v at the solenoid.

2) Crank but no start - look for spark and fuel, lots of tips on here for that procedure. But you have to fix #1 first (obviously)

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