Its time to let him go... 2001 626 ES 2.0

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Hello fellers.

Its time to finally say goodbye to my daily driver for over a decade. Figured someone here could part out or part-in since you all know these cars inside and out.  Here are the details, as copypasta'd from my craigslist ad:


The car. The myth. The legend. 

Selling my Mazda 626 ES, who has served me well for over 11 years of his 17 years of life. I am the second owner; I purchased it from a family friend at 65,050 miles in 2006 and have held on tight since. It is now approaching 168,000, and it is time to let go. 

Oil changes with synthetic only; do it myself.
Leather interior
Remote start, 2 keys & 3 remotes
Heat and A/C both work
Transmission @ 56,000 miles
All lights work, replaced many with LEDs
Aftermarket head unit and 10" subwoofer to compliment the stock Bose system (YES it has an AUX plug!)
Starts 100% of the time, every time
Paint is in good condition and no peeling or rust

Exhaust leak/rust on exhaust pipes, muffler clamped on
CEL (P0421 Warm up cat efficiency below threshold; the warm-up cat is 4 years old and the o2 sensors are ~4 as well)
Loud due to exhaust leak
Oil leaking from valve cover gasket and oil pressure switch (total $30 at auto parts store plus time)
Steering wheel and drivers seat have wear and tear
Headliner sagging
Tires have seen better days; three are leaking
Crack on passenger underside of front bumper

That's it!
I am asking $2500 obo.  Asking for reasonable offers.
With some TLC this can be a 300,000 mile car!

*note* sorry the Miata does not come with purchase :smile:











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Price dropped on Craigslist to $1500 obo. I am willing to part out at this point!!!! Upgrade to leather seats! Buy the subwoofer! Replace your rear view mirror! Buy the moustache hanging from the mirror and get all the ladies! Upgrade to a Magnaflow XL 2" muffler! 

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