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Good day one and all.  Ive bought a 1993 mazda 626 2.0l i4 dohc.  

Ive been struggling to get the car to idle properly and drive without jerking. As soon as i touch the gas the car will stall.  Ive installed a new MAF, coolant temp sensor, distributor and so forth.  Ive done a smoke test to check for vacuum leaks and can only find one.

 Under the throttle body there is two nipples for hoses.  The one goes to the brake booster but the other one has nothing in it.  U will also see that the car does not have a EGR and not all the control valves and gadgets. I guess here in South Africa we dont have the same emmision regulations as other countries. I also could not find a Cat or O2 sensor.  The car is running very rich.  As soon as it starts u get this overwhelming smell of petrol.  My sparkplugs burns black and at least one dies completely after about 10km. I have to keep on replacing it.  All the videos and data out there shows the same car as i have but they have alot more thing that get vacuum than i do.  

Any help will do.

Thanx in advance




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Trybchecling your injector seals, and sounds like it may be time for a new air intake manifold gasket get a throttle body gasket too. All together youll be spending about $30- $35

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