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Shifter Linkage Bushes Are Easy....

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Decided to finally change the shifter bushings in my Wagon today.

Got 4 original parts from Thailand off eBay, the whole set including postage came to about $23 Aussie. Pretty cheap I thought. Took about 10 days to arrive, great seller and sent registered Thai post.

I checked everything I could find online from those people who'd previously done this. Mine seemed to be much easier than others I'd seen. Not sure why, just was.

Jacked up drivers side. Slid under to find a very small heat shield held in by 3 screws. Undid the side two which allowed it to be bent down giving plenty of room to work.

The Central lever had NO BUSHINGS AT ALL left. Undid the bolt (12mm) slid the new bushes in with a bit of grease and tightened (NOT overtightened - it's only 12 ft/lb). Bent the heat shield up and reattached the screws.

Front lever also HAD NO BUSHES left. Undid the nut (14mm) and slid the bolt out from the top (12mm hex). Fitted the new bushes and greased, redid the bolt.

Final inspection and let if off the jack and stand.

UNBELIEVABLE difference as you can imagine. Shifter is now factory firm and silky smooth. Almost had to relearn how to shift after the 3 years of "stirring the porridge".

So, if your sick of sloppy seconds on your 626 GD/GV then this 30 min job is worth doing. VERY easy and you'll be amazed at the difference.




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Nice job, those bushings make a huge difference. But on mine I was able to change four bushings with just nuts and bolts. But to get to all of them, the linkage had to be completely removed. Then the front where it connects to the transmission had to be drilled out, because it was riveted in. I attached a pic to show what I am talking about. Under the shifter had two bushing. the front had four, kind of like a U-joint.  

Sorry the pic is not a 626, but similar set up. 


Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 5.02.47 PM.png

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Hi Mike,

it seems there are a few different ways these bushings/ linkages were fitted to different models over different years.

My biggest fear was that mine was riveted as I had read that some were prior to going ahead. Like I said, I guess I just got lucky with mine being nuts and bolts.

For anyone interested the part number is : B001-46-062 (4 required).

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On 3/11/2017 at 3:04 PM, DarrenBrowne said:

Hey thanks!

Hope it all goes smoothly....you won't believe the difference!

Oh man! You weren't lying! The car feels amazing. I had bushings completely missing aswell. I can't wait for some nice weather so I can pull the car out and really drive it.  Best 20 bucks u could spend!

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