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Does anybody have the anti-theft system in their 88-92? Reason I ask is because it seems my 1990 does. There is supposed to be a blank panel next to the electric mirror adjust switch down on the left side. This blank panel has a small red light that I always wondered about after getting the car.

A week ago my wife told me that her dash lights were flashing off and on while driving. I went into the car and started it, while dark, and yes the dash lights flashed. So did the parking lights and that little red light on the lower dash. I thought this is a car alarm but from where? Car has no way of arming as all there is is just a key for the door. If the lights are turned on then the flashing stops so I told my wife to drive during the day with the lights on for now. With rain and darkness it is hard to get a look into this.

So I wonder if there is an alarm partially left over from years ago? A factory Mazda alarm. A defective flasher? Need to see if there is anything I can pull to stop this.

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Well it doesn't matter at this time. She went over a parking lot speed bump and it turned the light green and the lights stopped flashing. Well, at least till next time unless I find the spot to disconnect.

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