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It's been awhile since I've been on here, but I'm stuck again. 

I had a slow coolant leak (fixed now) so I never used antifreeze. Temp dropped below freezing and I made it ten minutes before engine pegged hot. Pulled over and left car until lunch time.  Topped off the radiator and drove home with no problems of getting hot.

I drained the water and filled with 50/50. Pegged hot again on way to work. 

I have in new:

Thermostat and waterpump  (before the freeze) 

Radiator  (after the freeze)

Car is still pegging hot in a matter of minutes. No visible sign of Coolant leak.

It's been suggested that I might have a broken had gasket. 

What are your thoughts or suggestions on testing to find out the problem? 

Thank you,


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It's possible you have air trapped in the cooling system. When the engine is cool, I'll disconnect the small coolant line that runs from the coolant manifold on the back side of the head to the throttle body. This is the highest point in the cooling system. I'll hold it while someone else starts up the motor and press it back on the nipple when coolant starts to flow out. Then, I'll turn off the motor and re-tighten the hose clamp.

But, it's more likely a warped heap and blown head gasket. If that's the case, I suggest getting a rebuilt head, or at least get your current head decked. The best way to confirm the head gasket is to do a compression test. You can rent the compression test tool from just about any auto parts store. Another way to diagnose a blown head gasket is to drain the engine oil and inspect it. If the gasket is blown, you will often (but not always) find coolant in the oil.

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