Strange Knocking Sound When Shifting

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There is a strange knocking sound from the engine/trans-axle whenever I don't shift perfectly. Only noticeable when setting off or from 1st to 2nd and a bit from 2nd to 3rd. My mechanic told my to "Not bother with it" and that it's "Somewhere in the guts of the engine". I no longer use him and do almost all my servicing myself. I'm guessing it's a crankshaft bearing or balancer related. Any Input? I'm planning a re-ring so I'll have the bottom taken apart anyways.



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"Don't worry it's in the guts of the engine"Ahahahhahha that would be something to worry about!

your mechanic may be trying to deter you from investing money into the car. It may be the engine. 

i would start by checking the lower ball joints make sure the boots are intact and they are greased. Play in the CV joints can make a knock noise when taking off from a stop or suddenly stoping accelerating. It may be in the struts or strut mounts aswell. You may also be hearing the disc engaging the flywheel. 

Seeings how this happens while you are shifting gears I would be more interested in the operation of the transmission and driveline rather the engine. 

How many miles is on this beast?

does the engine run well?

the engine mounts nice and tight?(espically the front and rear tranny mount)

Try and determine wether it is making the noise while using the clutch or more on the initial throttle pedal release or is it when you get back on the throttle. 


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Without being able to hear the noise all we can do is guess.  Even if we could hear the noise it would be guessing. Could be anything from worn engine mount or axles due to torque or flywheel engagement.   I agree that if it only happens when you shift then most likely transmission related not engine related.

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