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I'm the only one left in the state who ones one off these I have the blue gc most of you probably have seen this. 

Having trouble getting it to run properly. She fires  idles revs for a bit until the dash lights flicker and then it stalls. Have been told when there on empty they won't run at all. 

Have had my injectors reconditioned new dizzy, coil, fuel filter seals and gaskets replaced. 

Anyone have any ideas at all? Couple people think it could be the afs or dodgy fuel pump. 

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Its all trial and error mate honestly, a few pointers, if AF meter was dodgy you would have 2 distinct signs either a no start situation or a lack of power when accelerating (Known as Fail Safe). Fuel pump being dodgy you only really have 1 sign, no start, however if ur fuel regulator is faulty engine would run starved or flood and stall. Note, I have had a issue with one of my cars where the fuel pump connection was not connecting properly, and would start then stall then no start like its a dead pump.

I later sorted that out by putting a dutch connector in place of old connector plug.

There are a few other things to consider/cancel out but at least you have somewhere to start. Also more details will help me get a picture of your issue,

PS. Ive run both my cars to empty previously and it never hurt them one bit. Just make sure you know the condition of the inside of your fuel tank as you may have contaminants in the bottom.  Regards.

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