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97 2.0 rough idle, dies. Cuts out completely if given WOT.

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Hey guys, gals, great forum, glad to find it!

I've got a 97 626 2.0 manual with some issues, here are the problems, symptoms.

Starting sometimes takes 3-4s of cranking before it starts.

Once started it'll idle at 1000 rpm for 3-5s then start missing and nearly die (sometimes it does die) then jumps back to 1000 rpm idling fine. Repeat.

Once running if given sudden wide open throttle it will totally fall on its face and die.

Once driving, once above about 1000 RPM it runs fine. Lugging it down though will bring back the missing and cutting out.

We just had it at the shop where they replaced the MAF and TPS.

A few months back we replaced distributor cap, rotor, spark plugs and wires.

I did some checks yesterday, good battery connections, grounds. Unplugged the IAC to see if there was any impact, there was. Unplugged each injector, all made an impact.

I see some posts on here about cleaning the IAC, and adjusting the TPS, maybe a stuck EGR valve.

I've listened and checked for vacuum leaks, does not appear to be any.

Anyone had similar symptoms? Got any advice where to start? 

I'm thinking of checking fuel pressure first. One would think it run even worse though at higher RPM if fuel pressure was an issue.

Thanks much,




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I would check the fuel pump or fuel pressure as you say, I got a feeling it's the source.

If it's not I recommend you to have a look on the timing belt and see if it has skipped a tooth.

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Thanks all. Just put a fuel pressure gauge before the fuel filter and there is about 2 lbs of fuel pressure - it is amazing it even runs.

Anyone experienced this with an electric fuel pump? 2 lbs of pressure? :) Thanks again for the help all.

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This is fairly common.  There's a rubber fuel line inside the tank that runs from the pump to the "bulkhead"/external lines.  Ethanol in modern gasoline rots this hose.  I bet you find it rotted and split.

DJDevon posted a detailed serious of videos showing the details of dropping the tank and replacing the pump.


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