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Shifting/gauge problems

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Hi all,

i have an issue with my granddaughters 96 Mazda 626. 2.0L auto trans  Last year I had the trans rebuilt by a professional trans rebuilder. Did it on the side as a favor. Recently the car doesn't want to shift correctly , the o/d off light flashes , the tach speedometer and fuel gauges stop working . If you turn the car off and restart it doesn't shift at all until o/d off starts flashing again.  Three obd codes come up po 340 camshaft position sensor po500 vehicle speed sensor and po 443 purge valve. Most mornings the car runs fine. On the way home right from the start it doesn't want to shift until light flashes and then shifts hard . I don't think it's the trans again , I'm thinking a ground wire , found one broken and fixed it but no luck . Any ideas out there.


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Thank you snailman 153624 , I did a test on the vss that I saw on the Internet where you turn key on (with out starting), press o/d switch to turn on light. Then start car . According to the video if sensor was bad the car wouldn't engage into gear. The car in video did not, but mine did. However since last post I found another loose ground strap . Tightened it. So far , so good (it's been two days now). But not 100% convinced yet. So just I case any other suggestions are very welcome.
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