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98, 626, 2.0L, FS2 head replacement

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Hi all, 

Newbie to the site... This weekend my best friend and I are swapping the head out of my 98 626.

Reason: bad valve seals, Norm(BF) said it would easier to swap the head.

The information that i am searching for is Timing Belt timing and Head bolt torque specs. My friend is a great mechanic and I wouldn't trust just anyone to do the job. With that being said... If anyone has done a head job on a similar car/motor, I would be greatful to hear(warnings and anything else you would like to add) from you..


In advance, Thank you!


98, Mazda, 626 2.0l FS2

When I bought the head, the shop said I must have a 2.2l.

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You might have a problem. You and/or the shop are mixing motor identifiers and head stampings.  Can you post a pic of your motor and the head you purchased?  

You have a '98 2.0L FS-DE motor.  It should have a FS9 head on it and no distributor.  If that's the case, you should buy a rebuilt FS9 head for a 2.0L FS-DE motor, or you could buy a FS2 head for a 2.0L FS-DE motor and block off the hole for the distributor with a freeze plug or something like it.  It's possible it was late '97 built car and it has the FS2 head.  If so, it has a distributor and you will need to buy a rebuilt FS2 stamped head for the FS-DE 2.0L motor. 

Neither of these heads are not to be confused with the FS2 2.2L motor.  The head for that motor is not compatible.

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RacerX, thank you replying so quickly!

The head has the stamp FS2 on the old head. When I ordered the replacement head they sent an FS9, I called them and said that the original stamp has FS2. It doesn't have a distributor. I sent it back and they sent the correct head.

The rebuilt head is at the shop, I won't be able to get those pictures until tomorrow. attached is pictures that I could get.




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You could have used the FS9 head.  It would have worked just fine and made a little more power.

The FS2 head you now have should have a hole for the distributor right where your coils mount.  You will have to plug this hole with a freeze plug or something similar.

Look here for the appropriate scanned factory service manual for your motor.  It will have the procedure to torque the head bolts.


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