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Hello 626 fans! 

I own a 1986 Mazda 626 gt turbo coup only regoed one in my state 

update on my problems I need a new wiring looms as mins buggered 

if anyone knows an online site I can buy one please let me know! 

Motor has had a rebuild its coming along nicely now. 

so if anyone reads this please write back would be appreciated 



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Whats the matter with your loom? It all depends on where and what part of the loom and what the issue is, I may be able to help you.

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not to sure if it's the loom just what a mechanic thought when I took it to him. What it's doing is it'll start idle for a bit I can hear a little bit of air getting sucked into the throttle body so I replaced the electronic fuel injection seal. That helped! 

So once it is idling the dash lights flicked then it stalls. I've been told when these cars are on near empty they won't start. 

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