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How To Get Out The Passenger Side Cv / Half Axle?

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I've got a 98 626 GF 2L ( European ) and while I was able to get the shaft out of the hub with a hub puller, I'm unable to get the other end out of the intermediate shaft bearing / joint / support whatever it's called.  In the Haynes manual it just says pry it out with a screwdriver or pry bar.  The only relevant video I could find showed the entire axle being removed, including the intermediate shaft and support bearing all as one piece.  However, that won't help me since I want to replace the inner CV boot.


I also looked in the 98 European WSM and here is a blown out view:




Here are the instruction I followed to no success:




I also tried prying it out with small crow bar, about the length of my arm, with no success.


Any tips or ideas?  Would a photo help?



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